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Escape into the wonderful world of movies for a moment while you review the work of Bill Kaye the still photographer. Captured live during the ‘take’ using silenced cameras, these glimpses into the action to come can make or break a productions sales.

Bill is described by film maker Sir Alan Parker CBE as  “extremely talented and professional in every respect. I have no hesitation in recommending Bill to you and would add that he is a pleasure to work with and is much missed in the British film industry.”

Bill Kaye has produced iconic Movie Posters such as Star Wars, Evita, Basic Instinct and Angela’s Ashes. His Angela’s Ashes poster was accredited 2nd Best Poster Ever by the highly respected USA Movie Premier magazine. It also went on to become the new book cover for the re launch of Frank McCourts best selling  book.

His shot of Madonna as Eva Perron in “Evita” gained him the most highly prized magazine cover in the world. TIME magazine.